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1990 through 1997

NA Miata Factory Racing Stripe Kit in 7 Colors

· The NA Miata Factory Racing Stripe Kit is a faithful reproduction for the 1994 through 1997 Miata and is available in 7 colors.

· Fits NA models with or without the Mazda logo.

· Extends from the bottom lip of the front bumper to the rear finish panel. Covers R model rear spoiler if installed.

· Colors: Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Black, Gold, and Silver.

· Special Order colors available at additional cost.

· Kits includes Squeegee and installations instructions.

· In Development

· NB Stripe Kit (including MSM)

· Hardtop Stripe Kit (NA, NB)

· Extended Rear Bumper Stripe Kit (NA, NB)

Suggested AutoBreza Retail Price - $225

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Phone: 949-466-0833


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NA Miata Rear Bumper Skirt with Dual Tip Option

· A faithful reproduction of the R model Rear Bumper Skirt

· Has addition internal partitions that provide a finished edge for a driver side exhaust cutout.

· Includes OEM style and quality mounting hardware.

Suggested AutoBreza Retail Price - $225

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